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11:33 AM, Sat 2/16/2013

Updates and Stuffs

Enter the Realm of Gaming, will update three to four times a week until April. (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday, with Monday and Friday being definite, may swap between Wednesdays and Sundays occasionally.) Why? Because my main comic Kirby Funfest, will be on hiatus until March 2nd.

08:12 PM, Thu 7/5/2012

Writer's Block...

I... can't think of what to do.

So, I am going to take a hiatus to try to think up new ideas!

And... that's it. (Sorry for taking this long to tell you guys...)

09:37 PM, Sun 5/6/2012


As I have not really kept up with cameos in the past, I will start over with them.

8-bit only and give a description of the character.

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